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About Us

Who we are:

We are a Soul Food restaurant who's aim is to provide an eating experience reminiscent of the past. When dining with us we hope to evoke fond memories of a time you once enjoyed that particular meal. We often hear our customers stories about how a menu item tastes just like their mother's or grandmother's recipe. 

Without question we offer a more than you could ask for flavor profile in all that we do. In all that we offer it is important that we reference our ancestral heritage as a way to preserve tradition.

What we do:

We do dishes that are traditional to not just black families but to country folks nationwide.

Our greens are seasoned with cuts of pork. Our scrapple is crafted on site by 2 Soul Sisters. Our bread and rolls are made by us as well. 

Nearly all that we do is a bit complicated but created with such ease.

Our food is NOT fast food. It is cooked to order and requires wait times one would find at any casual dining establishment. 15 - 20 minute wait times are pretty standard for us. Sometimes more if the kitchen is backed up. Be patient, we will make your orders with as much care as the diners ahead of you. 

What we offer:

We offer breakfast all day! Seems our original scrapple, omelets, crabcakes. and french toast made from our own bread are a favorite. We take pride in offering a great atmosphere, free wifi, and responsive customer service. Our customer's needs are of utmost importance to us. We hope you will come and give us a try. See how high we've set the bar. We know you'll love us back! 

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2 Soul Sisters, LLC

232 Town Square Drive, Lusby, Maryland 20657, United States


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